Waiting Time



1. A schedule of activities or events; a timetable.

A schedule of activities or events, I tried to digest it word by word. It sounds like showing off. But who am I kidding, I love to show off too. Well then, let me ask you something…

Have you ever felt that your story is just too plain boring to share? You yourself don’t even feel entertain by your story, let alone other people to read it. You don’t want to push the ‘New Tweet’ button. Yet, you feel like no body. Nobody in other’s life. Not even your close friend. Because you had nothing to share. Then you just stare at your timeline. Reading tweet by tweet, wishing that their timeline is your tweets.


Have you got to the point where you really want to say “STOP.” Stop tweeting. Stop saying things. Stop writing. Because you don’t know whether you can take it anymore. Because you can’t follow it anymore. Your life run too fast and left you behind. You don’t know where you stand anymore, you don’t know whether you are running toward the right direction or the wrong path. You just want to click the ‘pause’ button and start to go over your life very slowly. Like you just want to take one step and then look left, right, back and front before you took another step.

I felt that. I’ve been there. But people just keep tweeting. They are running. I keep walking and left behind. Maybe I just stop for a while and wait.

Because sometimes, to make my life worth the wait,  I just need to“listen to the world… in words.”


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