My Little Note


Do you know that you look hideous when you cry? You’re too far from that korean movies where the girls cry but they still look cute with their red nose. Or do you imagine you are in Bollywood movies where you will cry and sing and dance in the tree?

Enough, just wipe away your tears!

Look at your world. You will smile when you realize every little things that happened. You really like small things. Remember when you start collecting every piece that is reminded you of every thing. That is cute.

Oh come on, stop crying. Well, he is not the one, I tell you from now. I’m sorry to tell you this, but he is not. In fact, you will be happy with someone else. And someone else… and someone else…. and someone else again. Yes, a lot! So, he is nothing in like …. 2 weeks time.

And then you will be like happy again, smile again, be you again. I wish you take those moments and keep it for a long time. I wish you can be that cheerful everyday. Oh, I wish you are one happy lucky girl from then on. But I’m sorry to tell you this my dear, he is not the one too. He lied. He lied to your friends. He lied to his families. He lied to his friends about lying to you. He lied to you about lying about your friends, his families and his friends and you. This is then what you called ONE BIG FAT LIAR!

Then you might wish that you never knew about his lie. You created one rule that you said to all the boys and your friends..

“Don’t you lie to me. If you lie, lie BETTER!”

You’re funny afterward. You’re lighter and you’re more fun. I wish you could stay fun for a long time. I wish you enjoy your moments and find lots of happy moment. I wish you are one happy fun girl from then on. But I’m sorry again and again. The fun does not stay for long. The fun leaves. And you start to see all serious faces with frown and  smile down. You tried to conquer the world, but the world can’t be defeated. Life beats you down in many ways.

Then one day you’ll wake up and you will tell all your friends that…

“I tried and failed. I tried better and failed better.”

Dear, I hope you read this. I hope you find this note soon. I know you very well. I know you will somehow appreciate every small details, write your own stories and start singing a poem. You’ll find your balance. You’re not gonna be one happy lucky fun girl but you are just content with life and its kind.

Grow up soon my little 13 years old self!!



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