Hari-hari terakhir untuk #15harimenulisdiblog absen terus.. I break the curse? Or I didn’t get curse?

Ok. For the past week I got a cool “twitter” friends @hurufkecil and @elnaa_ who apparently playing in twitter and come up with the ideas of writing a blog in 15 days with different ideas/topic or we called it a”theme” for each day. If you to search for blogs that contribute to this, search under tag #15harimenulisdiblog or under twitter search with the same tag.

Anway, I was up for the challenge. I had a new blog because my old blog was a dead link now. I never really up for any challenge in writing. And I thought this might be fun.

When I decided to join in, this was really for myself. Because I need to start writing from now on.. I also like the idea that they are going to retweet the blog that comes in before the dateline of each day. First day, I had difficulties. The theme was “FIRST KISS”. I can’t figure out which first kiss that I had to tell to the world. Without embarrassing myself.

Actually, the idea of having this challenge is to get rid of ‘writer’s block’ and here I was. Having a writer’s block when Ideas already scattered around. I was also a little bit busy with my work because my boss was around. But he wasn’t bothered me much, the thing was just what stories of a “First Kiss” that I can tell. Is it mine? Will people read it? Can I tell it to people? What if my sister read it? or my brother? or my boyfriend? Nah. I wouldn’t dare.

I tried a poem, it didn’t work. I tried fiction. My idea got stuck with princess and frog. Then I just read at some of the blogs that already been retweeted by @hurufkecil and posted their post about first kiss. They’re good. And I got stuck.

The dateline was 6pm. I had only 3 hours to write and make it a good one. As I read from other blogger, some of it really amazed me. And then I tried to type and tell about my story. Well, it was my story, but this was really about my dad and mom. This kiss is really one “true love” kiss. Which I will tell to my kids, and their kids and their kid’s kids someday. That my father never stop loving my mom and us (his three kids).

Well, I might start crying again if I talk about him. If you want to read my story about First kiss, click here —> https://piethstop.wordpress.com/2011/09/30/ada-tangis-di-ciuman-ini/ . On that first day, my blog view is about 71. I believe half of it is really reading and the other half just somehow got lost or open and then close the link. But I was thankful. That 71, really made my day. I was so happy. Until I can’t wait to write on the second day.

What I really wanted to say was, thanks to @hurufkecil and @elnaa_ , the person who make me go further than my limit. I know my limit of writing. Or at least I knew. When people started reading and commenting, I actually didn’t know what to say. I read the comment over and over again. Until I just type ‘thank you’. Really, I feel like I already got an award. yeah, I know. A little ‘lebayness’ wouldn’t hurt, right?

And friends, I think I really enjoy this. Being with my friends without telling bad about them. Having one or two words without feeling ‘left out’. We are in what we write and how far we read. So, friends, thank you for reading. Thank you for sharing. I hope I have more friends like you around. Lots of hugs!

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