Morning Walk

I have stories to tell today.. about how the world was trying to sabotage my joy of walking.

Ready to WALK!

My work starts at 8am. I have one hour distance from my aunt’s house to my office. I woke up around five thirty to six and had a shower, never eat breakfast at home and start to go out from the house around seven. A bit late, but my office doesn’t really control the attendance, and some of us come around 9 am. So, I’m safe. To take a walk.

But Indonesia doesn’t build a proper “pedestrian walk”. You have to share it with small kiosk and annoying motorcyclist. They ride like they own the road. HUH! And the funny thing was, for these couple of days, these motorcyclist try to hijack my happy walk. They offered me a ride! Do I have to explain why I want to take a walk and why walking is good for my heart and my body and why I enjoy taking pictures of morning madness? I wish they have more time to listen than just offering a ride and just buzz off. pfffttt…

Here is a small road from my aunt’s house. The morning air is so fresh with banana and rambutan tress on both sides.

And walking can give you some time to enjoy yourselves. I like to put my headphone and music on when I walk. You know what I get? A slow moving pictures of morning madness!! I love these routine!

Does anybody enjoy walking too?

[updated on 25 Oct @ 2.53pm]

found a cool blog from bule’s perspectives about living and making Indonesia a greener place. Here is the recaps:

Saya mau memberi inspirasi kepada orang-orang biasa, agar memilih gaya hidup yang lebih rama lingkungan. Perubahan kecil saja sudah menjadi langkah bagus. Coba bersepeda ke kantor walau hanya 2 atau 3 kali seminggu! 5 kilo tidak jauh lho. 10 kilo juga tidak terlalu jauh kalau naik sepeda! Sehat lagi. Bagaimana pemerintah Indonesia mau sediakan jalur sepeda dan sisi jalan yang bagus kalau hanya beberapa orang saja yang memilih berjalan kaki, atau bersepeda sebagai transportasi! 

Found her in

Be inspired!! ♥


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