Happy Blogger’s Day

Happy Blogger’s Day to words lover!

Hey, hey, we couldn’t hear you from twitter! Shout it at your blog, come on. Yeah, I got this spirit and know that it would only last a day. -____-“

What blog means to me?
I don’t blog regularly. I blog if the things I want to say could be too corny in twitter and if I talk about it to someone for hours, they would lose interest.
So blog to me is like – know me from my point side of view, learn my mistake (if I bravely share any) and read whenever you want to.

And I love to read posts about life, everyday routine that keeps inspiring like this blog that I stumble upon —ยป http://loonyville.wordpress.com or http://pithypants.com. These are inspirational blogs, you wouldn’t want to waste such great ideas they have. Totally worth reading over cup of tea. Preferable, green tea. ๐Ÿ˜€

Or, if I want to see some cool ideas about fashion, arts, photos or etc, I’d like to visit http://chicquero.wordpress.com

I also never get bored of reading some blogs recently that got me to have mental jealousy of their words. Be enrich and prepare for addiction:

I called them word lovers.

There are more, but I just remember few of them that I enjoy reading recently.

And I have new blogs too to share about beauty and stuff, this is for my sister’s hair saloon. Its still so new and I’m trying to write more about beauty tips. Visit mine at http://zeesalon.wordpress.com

Well, hope you get a glimpse for writing more. Because, we do tend to spend our precious time searching for unnecessary stuff in the internet, especially on facebook. And got heart broke and beat up by photos, status or enjoy a good laugh whenever your friend’s got typos in their life. What about just sharing ideas and be shared by others by reading blog.

Be inspired! โ€Žโ€‹โ€‹โ™ฅ

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