November Rain ☂

Hujan. Senyumi aku dengan rintikmu. Peluk aku dengan dinginmu. Akan ku genggam dirimu.

Ini bukan cerita tentang hujan. Tapi kamu yang tau aku, telah melihat aku dan hujan selalu seirama.

It was a perfect beautiful windy day. “I love this weather,” you said. I was saying something too but the wind took my words. You asked, “what is it?” I said nothing.
Then you slip your fingers gently through mine. Maybe if you could listen, you could hear my heart beat.
Birds chirped and flew in front of us. “I wish I could be like them,” you said.
I wondered what you mean by it. Then maybe you mean to be the center of attention, rather than freedom. I blamed myself for being so stupidly in love with you. Even my shadows won’t refuse to let you go. Even my heart knows what to beat.
We sat on that bench for another half an hour. We let the wind breeze touch our faces. Reminiscing what time has left us. You said “remember when we had our first date. It was like this but at night. I asked you to count the stars and kissed me for each stars you counted.”
Yes Love, that night. I remembered. We drank in love. Sat in my back yard. Counted stars. When I was about to kiss your cheeks and you turned to me. And our lips touched. You cheated.
Just like today, when you finished hunting me with our past, your phone rang.
It was her.
“I’m with my friends. Yeah, just hanging around. Call you later.”
I stood there. Looking at our hands. Still touching. Yet, we barely hold. I wanted to go. So bad. But I let this feeling go deep. I said to myself that I will laugh at this moment, someday.

Rain came. Our hands now apart. You took your coat and hold it above my head. You asked me “do you still want to sit here?” I nodded.
“You know its getting wet. You can get sick.”
“I know but I want it.”

What more do I want than to let the rain washes my face and let me be the rain as I am closer than ever with it.
We broke up, that’s what I remember, but you asked me to be yours again right before she called. You said you love me always, but you were confused between love and lust. You once asked her to be yours because you don’t want to be confused with me. But you can’t love her. You can’t deny me. You can’t let me go. Or am I the one who can’t let you go?


Apa yang indah dari cinta?
Ketika cinta itu sendiri menyakitkan tapi kita menikmatinya.

Hujan. Berhentilah di kakiku. Basahi aku dengan gerimis. Akan ku rasakan detakmu.

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