Blog Therapy

one of the scariest things of having a blog is when you had too much blog walking and then you think your blog is nothing and you want to retype or re-do or re-theme your blog all over again until you somehow reach your expectation of writing and people would find your blog amusing. Nah!

However, I feel like there’s so much things to do by being on the internet, just sitting around in your home and write a post. When people cooked, they blog. When people lazying on weekdays, they blog. And when they had exciting events, news, lifestyle, they blog. Yes, they do tweet. But I am now hungrier and thirstier to read longer words now.

Anyway, instead of reading facts and learn something from my office, I’d like to share some posts for today. These blogs are worth following and might give you ideas and inspirations too!

1. – just read this post and like the way he tell his story. He blog about some knowledge and stuffs. Worth reading from posts 1 (?)

2. – worth to visit and she has really cool ideas. She posts 365 photos per year, so once a day and make it like a complete story. love it!

Well, that’s about it. I will continue my deep therapy of blog walking with a cup of tea on this rainy afternoon.


Be inspired, lovely friends! ♥



2 thoughts on “Blog Therapy

    • So glad that you could actually visit mine.. thank youuu and for the following too.
      and please don’t stop posting, as I will be sure to visit yours to see your story-telling-photographs!!

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