Robot’s Date

Yesterday is one of those days. One of those lovely day. A date day. In this busy, wide and hectic town, it is a rare thing to do. At least, once a week is rare for me. 😛

Anyway, before someone got too bored by reading this, yesterday we watched


Based on my bff (@nthanmeyliza), when she says “cooooooool” and you started to lost count on how many ‘o’s she typed that means this movie is a must watch. And Anov also heard some stories or saw the trailer of this movie. This was a bit funny, he told me about the movie plots but the movie wasn’t turn out the way he tells it. Its like watching another movie and hearing about another one. Well, I got you confused here, right. Thats okaaaaay.

Anyway, this movie is exactly like what we were expected. A cool, action ride and awesome robots for where most of the movies, I was like cuddling into Anov’s hand and saying “cooooooooooll” for …. many many many scenes. Well, I lost my counts there.

The story line is somehow predictable, but I like the chemistry of the main characters – Charlie and Max Kenton. And Atom too. The story is set on way future time, waaaaay beyond 2012 (I felt relieved that at least we could watch another futuristic movie again and thankfully blessed because 2012 is not the end of the world just another movie). But don’t expect to find cool places, flying cars and robots laying on the beach (this, I won’t expect either) because the director didn’t transform the set to hi-tech and futuristic set. I think the director is too lazy to change it into I-Robot-type-of-movie-set and instead he just choose country side with long roads and highway. Well, ho ha, I couldn’t care less about it.

As I said, I like the chemistry of the main characters, which in the middle of the movies, everyone would say “like father like son”. The father who is hot-delicious-body starring Hugh Jackman is a stubborn man and is into robot-fighting urge while he abandon his own son, the hottest-boy alive, starring Dakota Goyo who is also fanatic about Robot-Boxing (a replacement of human boxing in later years). At first, this father and son were arguing and stuffs. and sooner or later, after the boy found a G2 type robot and make some genius (like he said) modifications to Atom, the robot, this father and son started to form a winning team which later on it was twisted with money and debt collector and the son’s adopted parents.

The robot movements is good that you can’t see the animation part of it because you thought it was a real one (or is it???). And it has some great comedy moments about the three of them and had a good laugh during the dancing scene.

All I could say is, I really really wish I could be there and watch REAL STEEL live!!! LIVE ON THE STADIUM! I feel like I screamed through the whole set while they are on the boxing ring. Really, it was super awesome and worth to watch it all over again.

This is one type of movies that I would like to buy the DVD and watch with my father (alm) and my brother. And after watching this, whenever I saw big long trucks or container, I secretly want to peek to see if Atom, Ambush or Noisy Boy is inside there.

Well, my friends, how was your date?

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