Did you do the Morning Dance?

Good morning dear bloggers,

I am writing to you with my happy face, smiley eyes, a jasmine tea on the left and a big bowl of pear on the right. Yeah, I’m doing my morning dance!! After few days having a tons of thinking and came up with nothing. Nothing solved so far. I gave up and let time answer it.

So anyway, this morning I want to talk about morning madness. Judging people on their “morning greetings”. What I see on facebook, twitter and some on my bb contact list, they all start their morning with bad words. What does it do to me? A pity and a smirk. ๐Ÿ˜‰

I believe everyone has their own business and mind their own business, but I just can’t help it when someone says bad words, cursing and a lot of swearing in the morning. How will they face the day if they already start their morning with bad feeling? Will they feel better in the afternoon? Is everyone around them gonna cheer them? I believe it gets worse during the day and nothing can cheer you up.ย 

Well, I’ve been there. I was one of them. Long way back before I had twitter and facebook (thank God). I cursed in the morning and start feeling grumpy during breakfast, skipping my lunch because I was such in a bad mood and had late dinner because I was super hungry and my stomach pinched everything inside and finally had a sleepless night. Is my cursing gone? No, it got worse and the words become more creative. Had a vocabulary of those bad words in alphabetical orders, if you insist.

And I was such a badmood maker. I saw happy people, I would go deep to find their bad day even if it is just a picture of them having a bad hair day. Those thing made me smile. but then feeling awful about myself. I’m sure some of us felt the same once in a while.

What happens now is that I let myself become selfish. The positive feeling about being selfish is that you let yourself happy then made everyone happy around you. So every morning, I let my self to think of happy thoughts, smile for a few seconds and then actually getting up for a shower. It would take some time till you get the feeling right. But the rest of the day, if something bad happens, I would look at this morning and smile and the bad problems never really bother me all day.Well, it did. But just for a while and it will go away as soon as I think of not ruining the day. without cursing, swearing, throwing things or even cutting myself. errr… (that never happens before!)

So, how does your morning affected your day?


Anyway, i stumbled upon the Freshly Pressed in wordpress and followed the link in one of the blogs and I found cool ideas of making your old pictures with the future you!

just to get your ideas.. here’s some examples.

and a morning dance... ๐Ÿ˜€

Got me thinking that I might do it someday and have it posted here. Check out more in this links.


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