Cup of Friday afternoon…

Sorry that I haven’t got time to update so much on this blog. Been busy and a little bit overwhelmed by the work flow. But I think next week I will have more free time during my work *ahem* because my boss is going to have his Christmas and new year holiday..  more to like honeymoon. (jealous) Yeah, he’s having his holiday in Paris, Rome and Italy….

Well, At least I could hope for a “New Year Present” from any of those countries. Even that t’shirt that says: Je T’aime Paris… Oh, I wouldn’t mind… At ALL!!! 😀 😀

yeaah,, something like this! 😀

So, anyway… The holiday mood haven’t started in my office. YET. In fact, everyone is staying up late and closing up their work, sales or whatever they’re doing. I don’t really care, my holiday mood is HERE…!!! 🙂 I started to compile on things to blog and my 2012 resolutions and planning my new year PARTEEEYYYYY…!!!

This Friday, my stomach suddenly crave for coffee. Weird, right? Since I never have a coffee just for myself. I usually just sip my father’s coffee, just a little bit. But I never have ONE CUP just for myself. So, I made a cup of coffee. Just press a button in the coffee machine. And voila…

in an Angry Bird Mug

and one can’t drink one cup of coffee for herself. So, I shared it with Hippos.

Meet Hippos

Anyway, the coffee taste terrible. Even with the help of a coffee machine and some sugar and cream, it’s not helping much. Now my stomach curses me.

So, I let Hippos finished it.


Happy Friday, ♥ 🙂

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