2012: I am Readeeeehhh…!

This is gonna be simple and quick. I believe in writing resolutions throughout my year so I can keep track of myself. Because I can get easily distracted with goals and depression.

My 2012 resolutions:

  1. Be happy. Be very happy. Each and single day.
  2. Have more of positive thinking and self-motivation. Well, I know a little secret, start by smiling every morning.
  3. Drink green tea every day. No sugar.

    Green Tea!

  4. Read 2 books. Each month. That’s like 24 books every year. This is gonna be so easy! 😀
  5. Be healthy. Not too healthy. Can still eat junk food, fried food, sweet stuffs, but lesser.
  6. Join in a gym. Have a delicious body.
  7. Laptop. Or Ipad. I like to keep my expectation to a higher level.
  8. Have a Lomo. Or Fujifilm Instax Mini Cam.
  9. Earn twice than today.
  10. A novel to published. (?)
  11. Visit my mom once every three months.
  12. Seeing my mom happy and healthier than before till the next next next years.
  13. Still with my silly boy. Happy and contented than before. Married?
  14. Good hair-do. Every day.
  15. Go to Tidung Island on 6-8 January.
  16. Go to Thailand. Or Taiwan. With @nthanmeyliza in May.
  17. Go to Bali in September. With null & Natasha.

This is getting more to like things to do before I die. Well, the list continues…

  1. Have amazing days, months and years.
  3. Quit puffing.
  4. Be a little bit religious.
  5. My sister get married!!! And My brother is a successful designer in town.
  6. Have 5 different kind of shoes. For each type.
  7. Have 5 different kind of bags. For each color.
  8. This resolution is getting expensive but one more to conclude my age that year. ….
  9. My father is on his way to heaven.

I want to be happy for the rest of my days from today onwards. This is not a lot to ask, right God? I just want to see and look my life, “well, I’ve done that and proud of myself for not wasting a single day.” Because I feel like I haven’t achieved anything and still quite far from my dream. Or at least from what I wanted to be. For what I want my life to be. For what I wanted to do. I don’t any more drama in my life where I feel lonely, depressed for no reason and have many things going on in my mind. That’s tiring. Life is all about fun, right? Well, I don’t really want fun all the time. I want to feel contented all the time. I want to see how things change but I still like it. I’m not a perfectionist, nor I want to be one, but I want my life to be meaningful. It’s enough wasting days by days and feel nothing or lost. Enough of that. Enough of nonsense thinking. Enough of unwanted life.

Those lists are things that I want to do with my life. At least from now. Things that I want to see my life anywhere near it or accomplished it. Just a thought. Just a guideline. Just something I need to write.

Welcome to end of 2011. 🙂


PS. Suppose to be with a lot of photos and stuffs,, but..just didnt have much time for online. ;( maybe update it later…

PPS. Happy New Yeaaaaaarrrr…!!! :))

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