Face of a Beautiful Past

Face of a Beautiful Past

Getting old. Some people try hard not to be there. Time slows down, worries faded, and expectation is lesser by a second. To me, it is all said in her face. Where hopes lost, given, taken and return. All the wrinkles crafted her time, longed for an answer to a mystery. Mystery of life.

Are you there

when life drew a color to your heart

putting up sunshine to your smile

created rainbow in your footsteps  

Are you here 

when life blacken your dream with reality

and hope was taken before you

watched you grew a thick line of desperation

She walked slowly past me. Gazed beyond the afternoon sky, the crowd and myself. Maybe I knew her. or my face reminded of her past. The past she once hold so proud of. And just when you thought your life is a beautiful mistake, remind yourself to take a glimpse look when the future grasp slowly of your beautiful past.

Photo was taken by @anovmoustache at Kota Tua.

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