Tidung 101

I packed 5 clothes, 2 shorts and some underwear after work. Had my camera, phone and charger ready. And a bag of make up. I am ready for Tidung. With my boyfriend and our two awesome friends.

We grouped up at seven eleven and went to a hotel nearby the closest port to get us to Tidung. Sleepless nights, smokes and KFC kept us all nights. Until 5am, we went to the port by taxi. It was near but the taxi charge us no less than thirty thousand rupiah. And we ended up in the wrong port. Not the taxi fault. But all the internet and blogs and traveling trips did not say anything about the boat moving up to the other side of the city. Because I am being a good blogger and this is not a traveling tips post, please board from Muara Angke, not Marina Bay if you want to go to the Thousand Island.

We had to go to the other port to go to Tidung, we hopped on a taxi and a bajaj to the smelly port. It’s really like a thousand of dead fish are covering the road. It smells so bad, I didn’t know whether to close my nose and breath through my mouth and let the sticky feeling of dead fish in the walls of my mouth. It stinks out everything I wear too. Not the best port to take a picture, but then I did. Because the sun rise is watched through my eyes, thankfully not through my nose.

the sun rise


After waiting for like ever, and Dina collapsed. She really collapsed. I didn’t know whether it was the smell, the sleepless nights or the excitement. We had to lay her down in a bench and my friends and I was panicked. We massaged her everywhere, in her shoulder, in her neck, in her face and in her foot too. Finally she woke up. And she said she still wanna do this. I think she never regrets her decision.

So we get on the boat. You see the two boat in the picture up there? Well, thats not the boat. Our boat was a bit bigger and had air-con in it. The boat lady (what do you call the attendant of a boat?) gave us some pills to avoid sea sick and the pills really kick in. I want the whole pills but she didn’t let me keep it. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ ย We slept all the way while cruising off the Java sea.

When we reached in Tidung, we sleep again for another 5 hours. What a sleepy headed of groups! We missed brunch and lunch. When we woke up, its almost 4pm and everyone was still dreaming. With their eyes open. We didn’t took a bath, straight headed to watch the sunset. and we never regret of not taking a bath and had this breathtaking pictures. So enjoyed!

the sunset


the awesome couple

the other awesome couple

the island creature we found, named "umang-umang"

More photos to come! ย *still uploading*

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