Akhirnya kangen juga.

Happy and contented and sad at the same time.
How could it be like that?
I miss you
I miss how I feel about you.
I miss us trying so hard to erased pain and not being together but wanted to feel close
I miss how you tried to lie but telling me the truth all over your face
I miss how I hurt you and how you hurt me
I miss how we missed each other
I miss how I could run into you but you’re not there
I miss how you deceived me and felt sorry and you turned back to me
I miss how little attention you gave to me
I miss how you being so cool and calm but you said you like me
I miss how you wanted your world and not caring mine but you listened to what I want
I miss how you called me in front of my boyfriend
I miss our nights
I miss our talks
I miss our connection
I miss you.
Now my little pride is hurting if I still have it
But your pride, I already saw it shattered before my eyes.

Be good.
Be good to her.
Just like I’ll be good to him
And not saying a word of you.

mumbled by Pieth.


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