Perpisahan adalah

jarimu yang merentak

bersama ombak ke lautan

tiba-tiba membiru

Perpisahan adalah

suaramu yang merangkak

bersama ombak ke daratan

tiba-tiba membisu

– Latiff Mohidin, Singapore, 22 Ogos 1967

a malaysian poet


14 July 2012…

14 July 2012

It has been known that the secret to love is to feel

And right now, I can’t feel your touch 

I can’t feel your warm 

I can’t feel your breath brushing up my skin

and I miss you

Damn, I miss you! 

But honey, this heart feels you

This heart beats for you


Leaving the Best Thing?

Top Ten Worst Best Things about being Secretary at my workplace 1. Food consumption nonstop 2. Invitation to lunch and dinner at luxury hotels 3. A favorite person or get all the attention from everyone. They will know when you are sick and when you are getting home late. 4. Get all the unnecessary information or gossips. 5. […]