Roadtrip to Central Java

Imagine when you feel like your life is flat and nothing interest you anymore.

Imagine when you think you have seen much and people just bored you.

Imagine when you want to go someplace far, but you don’t know what’s beside you.

Imagine when you have someone as crazy as your mind.

Imagine when you go someplace where you never imagine before.

Just like going to Tegal, Semarang, Magelang, Sleman, Jogja.

Then boooom!! You are already on a roadtrip!


Lawang Sewu or Home with a 1000 Doors. @ Semarang


Yes, I climb the fence of Lawang Sewu. ๐Ÿ˜€

Visit Keraton

Candi Borobudur, Jogja


alley at Candi Borobudur


Candi Borobudur

Thursday morning, around 7 am, Jakarta time, he picked me up and we had some “lontong sayur medan” for breakfast. I still ask him during breakfast “are we really going to Jogja?” He nodded. This was not in calender until 2 days before the trip. A roadtrip plan. Three days trip but ended up with an extra day, just because. I packed every good clothes that I had, emptying my phone memory. To think about it, it was a crazy plan. Two lovers, driving more than 1000km in 3 days (+1) with just 20 songs on a playlist and sunflower seeds for boring road.

The crazy plan was

1. Early morning from Jakarta, we drive through Pantura passing Cirebon, Tegal and Semarang.

2. Arrive at night in Semarang, drive around the city.

3. Having delicious soto Semarang for breakfast.

4. Going around Semarang, take picture in Lawang Sewu, alun-alun city and Masjid Agung Semarang.

5. On the afternoon, drive to Jogja (another 6 hours drive)

6. Reach Jogja, went to Borobudur, took some pictures.

7. Take a walk around Malioboro at night, the famous road in Jogja to hangout.

8. Find good hotel and rest.

9. The next day, buy Gudeg, Bakpia Jogja and batik.

10. Drive home.


All the plan was messed up. An extra day was needed because we got stuck in road traffic, snuggling in hotel rooms in the morning and watched Euro.


PS: My camera is not working, so I really really thankful that I have this phone camera. I tried hard to have good pictures, or at least to look good in the picture. Will post more image soon.

One thought on “Roadtrip to Central Java

  1. Ah kamu melewatkan Klaten, kampung halamanku, Pieth..
    Fotonya memang kurang mantep, pakai kamera ponsel pasti pecah-pecah dikit..

    Selamat Idul Fitri. Mohon maaf lahir bathin ya, Pieth..

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