Leaving the Best Thing?

Top Ten Worst Best Things about being Secretary at my workplace

1. Food consumption nonstop

2. Invitation to lunch and dinner at luxury hotels

3. A favorite person or get all the attention from everyone. They will know when you are sick and when you are getting home late.

4. Get all the unnecessary information or gossips.

5. Everyone knows your phone number. Even the office boy. And it must be CONSTANT ON!

6. Have to remember everything, what everyone eats, where everyone eats, what time they eat or not eating.

7. Act like a walking google. or 108 (information center)

8. Have all the answers to everything.

9. Everybody ask you “How”.

10. Everybody know your last name. Even if it’s hard to remember.


It is almost two weeks since I quit my very best job, yet. I have a cool team, crazeeeeyy colleagues and the best boss. Why I quit? Purely my intention towards being with my family. No best jobs could ever replace them.

So, being unemployed, lazying my ass off and getting the last information now, I still found my happiness being home. So, here are some memories. 😉

During Oreo 100th B’day

with Sales Team – Oreo 100th B’day

During Valentine’s Day

Me .. eating the biggest Oreo.

My crazeeey friends

My Best Boss


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