A Surprise Thought

“If you wake up in the morning eager to see how the world will surprises you, then your life is BEAUTIFUL!” – tweeted at 10 oct.

Dream big, don’t dream. Expect things, expect the unexpected. Live freely, live as if you’re gonna die tomorrow. 

All of that motivational or inspirational quote is good when your mind is comfortable with it and accepting it with your heart. And for some people you will see your life changes because you stick with your favorite quotes and actually take action from it. And for some people, it just another words with good rhythm.

I believe your actions come from your heart and support surroundings. And mood also derives from a simple mind about your experience in the morning or during your day. And if you think your morning starts with a wrong foot, then you think you will have a bad day. Or the other way around, one right foot and another right things will come. And that’s how I’ve been thinking and doing for the last couple of years.

But life changes. And people too. And I need my mind to change too.

So, what I know since I got home, or whenever I’m home, many things come and surprises me. Many happy and unhappy things. And it always comes and goes. You won’t experience unhappy things everyday and you won’t feel happy always, it’s the fact! Start counting if you doubt it.

Happy things this week 🙂

  • I got a belated b’day gift from my good friend in Padang. And I love the material and it’s design, especially the cool print of curly hair woman on it.
  • My brother has done making one lightbox photography for our handmade stuffs!
  • My brother just told me yesterday that he was gonna invest his money for my business. It’s a small investment, but hey, I got my brother believed in me of spending his money! Hihi.
  • My sister finished a lot of handmade felt crafts which make me proud of her. This is her friend, Danbi

Danbi! – always smiling

  • My morning usually starts with a cup of black tea and some cookies or banana, which make me feel less guilty when I eat more during the day. 😛

Well now for unhappy things this week 😦

  • I think I had spend on this bead and crafts a lot than I need to.
  • I don’t think I have enough sleep, my body feels exhausted each day and cramps all over it.
  • My house is fill with water everywhere because of the rain. Yes, it’s an old house and they start to cracks on the roof and on the floor. Thus, I think we need one maintenance guy and our father to fix it!
  • My lazy week is here!!! and it started to bother my sister and my brother. Geez, as if they don’t have their lazy week.

Well, I traveled a lot. From one good direction to another wrong and dead end. It always comes up with one simple rule. Change your mind of how you see your life, change how you see your morning, then maybe all of those unhappy things may create a simple smile to you. And for me, I can’t wait to wake up in the morning and let the world surprises me! 

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