kepada pecinta aksara

dear tomato lover,

how is your rain this morning?

it’s been a year since i know you and since then, every day i fall for your words.

you’re bold yet humble. you live in your own world and depicted it so poetically, not dark but cloudy, not sorrow but reminiscence, not silent but unspoken words. where each day begun with rain drops touching the ground. the taste so sweet that it tickles your mind to taste a bitterness from a cup of coffee. or sometimes two. and every corner filled with bookstores, libraries and memory shops and you could smell the aroma of fresh tomatoes from every home. i know words are planted, trees are whispering your poem and flowers blooms once in a blue moon. everyone’s last name is a poet. people are silent, they used to scream so loud but now they left with an empty voice. avenger of the past, you named them. but they sing lullaby each night so you could write them one or two words just to make them sleep.

how i wish to live in yours.

dear small word,

may i know who is your muse? is it your beautiful, tough yet delicate mother? is it a girl from your past? is it her that you met in your dream? oh, how i wish i can meet her. and thank her. for she, who lives forever in your memory. she has your heart but not taken. she lives in your world though not in your arms. does she know? should i tell her that she is your erato or your monalisa. that she aroused your words and your words are her. or that she is your muse, nothing else but your curiosity and your complete madness.

how i envy her.

dear @hurufkecil,

happy belated birthday. i fall for you. your words are my world. be a poet. always.

from your words lover.

dear @hurufkecil


*written for #30HariMenulisSuratCinta. Please read and click favorite on this page too. Thank you! 

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