A Simple Life Lesson from Swimming

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Our parents made me and my four elder siblings learned how to swim when I was seven. Being an athlete himself, father understood that swimming should start as early as possible. While my eldest sister back then was already eighteen, I was lucky enough to be the youngest. Proven; my…

The Little Things In Life

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Photo Source:ย http://stephaniekeltner.wordpress.com/2012/08/06/the-little-things/ A smile from a stranger A pat on the back Your song on the radio A late-night ice cream snack A quiet eve on the porch A text from an old friend An unexpected adventure The first poem you penned A smile from your crush A good day…

That one good laugh

Sometimes, all we need is one good laugh. So, I’ll remember it and still laugh at it when I’m crying.ย  I remember in 2009, me and my sister were driving around the small city, where the famous Nasi Padang comes from. We said to our mom that we would be back before noon. We dressed […]

This morning..

Kadang matahari lupa untuk bersinar terang di pagi hari, Kadang awan hitam yang menggulung datang menyelimuti, Tapi aku selalu ingin bersamamu.. Di gelapnya pagi, di terangnya hati. ~ this morning, I sent this small love note to my boyfriend. Hours after that, we had an argument. A silly argument about a morning talk. but I […]