That one good laugh

Sometimes, all we need is one good laugh. So, I’ll remember it and still laugh at it when I’m crying. 

I remember in 2009, me and my sister were driving around the small city, where the famous Nasi Padang comes from. We said to our mom that we would be back before noon. We dressed up, brought our camera and music playlist in a flash drive.

I asked my sister, “where are we going?”, she shook her head and made a smirk. Actually, we didn’t know where to go, we just wanted to go out. Out of the problems, out of the messed, out of all the bewildered situation that we faced. Our Dad was lying in bed, been sick for couple of months. We forced ourselves to know his sickness, to take care, to fully understand the situation. It was confusing and extremely painful.

30 minutes left, we make a turn to the nearest beach and parked our car just as close to the shore, so we could feel the wind and the ocean breezes, we thought the wind could take away all the pain inside.

My sister start to tell a joke. A joke about “how rich”, “how lucky”, “how blessed” we are. It was never meant to be this way, we know we could have done more. We know our Dad was a strong man. But, what’s better in God’s way? We just know, us and Dad, could survive this. It was just a small stone in our life. Last thing I know, we started laughing. It’s not a normal hahaha-I-just-want-to-laugh, it was hahaha-our-life-is-so-screwed-up-but-we-still-alive kind of laugh!!

It lasted for 10 or 15 minutes, we kept laughing, every words came out of our mouth sound so hilarious. Until we hit the silent laugh, it’s when you know you still laughing but you can’t hear any sound. My stomach hurt and my cheeks feels so stiff.

Few minutes later, tears started to filled my eyes, so does my sister. We started to cry.

Sometimes, crying can help you ease your pain away. And when you don’t know when to stop, remind yourself of that one good laugh. 

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