A Simple Life Lesson from Swimming

ve handojo

Our parents made me and my four elder siblings learned how to swim when I was seven. Being an athlete himself, father understood that swimming should start as early as possible. While my eldest sister back then was already eighteen, I was lucky enough to be the youngest. Proven; my three-years older brother and I were the quickest ones to learn.

“Kids have less fear of drowning than adults do,” our swimming instructor said.

People have been talking about “following your passion” and “leaving your comfort zone”. Youngsters are being motivated to “pursue their dreams” with a lot of theories and wisecracks. But, my swimming instructor said it best.

Go for it when you’re a fresh grad. Go for it when you’re still at school. You youngsters have less fears than we thirtysomethings do. We have built our own comfort zone, and we do not have enough guts to leave…

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