Back to Stranger

We were staring at each other
Too busy arguing with our minds
The question asked
And answered
that’s probably the end of our conversation

But no one stand up and dare to say goodbye
Not me and I don’t see you making any moves
So what are we doing here

I see no point of trying
But even God enjoy our last meal together
He didn’t cut the strings yet
maybe He’s brokenhearted too

I know I can’t say anything to make this situation be better
The words stuck in my head and won’t get out
My hands are too numb to write it either

You are special, there I said it
My best friend told me not to hold anything
Say what I want to say
So I said it

You have the best of me, there I said it
This time I’m hiding from your eyes
So I can say what I want to say
So I said it

Nobody hold my heart the way you do
And now you want to return it
I don’t want it back
Keep it
Keep it
So we won’t be back to stranger


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