Let’s Talk, Dear Friend

Let’s Talk, Dear Friend … and forget, for a moment, who we were.

Mute Expressions


Let’s talk my friend, you and I,
Let’s meet over a couple o’ beers,
Let’s find ourselves again, in the middle of the crowd,
and forget, for a moment, who we were
Let’s talk of yesterday, let’s talk of tomorrow,
Let’s talk of the times of the great sorrow,
Let’s talk of adventures on the highway,
Let’s just forget about what happens of today
Let’s talk of love and all the women we could never date
Let’s talk of the bloody time that would never wait
Let’s talk of this world, about things big and small,
Let’s figure out, where we went wrong; when did we build this wall?
Let’s talk of things we’ve done and the thing’s we’ll do,
Things that’ll go past me and you,
Things of old and things of new
Things of which we never knew.
Time will come  and time will go,
What becomes of…

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