Wrong Day

It’s a wrong day
Don’t blame the time
Don’t blame the person
or his passion,
Don’t blame the conversation
or the silent,
Don’t blame the music,
not about the lyrics too,
Don’t blame the excuses
or the simple gratitude
It’s just a wrong day

I’m stuck, I’m trapped
in the soul of negativity
everything is either messed up
or just plain tangled

Somebody once said, they’ll fix it
but they never showed up
Maybe they completely forgot
or they come at the right day
This is not right, this is the wrong day

ย You realize
Trying best is not the option anymore
Positive mood is just a bunch of crappy words
Calm down? It’s like saying
“take a sleeping pill, aspirin or something and mix it whiskey”
It’s a wrong day
Nothing ever seems right,
not after today.

– mumbled by me on 210214 @ Lhokseumawe


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