Sejenak Rindu

Andai aku punya firasat, akan ku ceritakan seluruh masa-masaku padamu. Andai aku tahu, akan kunyanyikan lagu-lagu kesukaanmu. Rascall Flats, Dixie Chicks even Avril Lavigne. Andai aku punya firasat, aku tidak akan meninggalkanmu sedetik pun. Andai aku tahu, aku ingin bersujud padamu dan berulang kali meminta maaf. Maafkan aku, Pa. 3 hari lagi genap setahun kami […]


I have one of those days. When my feeling unknown and lucky is nowhere near. I think I need something to cheer me up.   You can’t keep walking .. at some point, you have to stop! and look behind to see what you have been through …ย    I think one bright yellow sunflower […]


Say here, how do you talk about regrets? or Spijt in Dutch. Regrets:ย a negative conscious and emotional reaction to personal past acts and behaviors Time pasts. Action done. Words out. There is nothing you can do. Or is there? Regret haunts. It doesn’t kill. Just painting your whole heart smoothly day by day until it […]

Blog Therapy

one of the scariest things of having a blog is when you had too much blog walking and then you think your blog is nothing and you want to retype or re-do or re-theme your blog all over again until you somehow reach your expectation of writing and people would find your blog amusing. Nah! […]